Member Services

Whether your dog or cat requires a short-term visit, or an overnight stay, The Collar Club offers your pet a stress-free experience every time! 

Individualized Member Services supports a partnered approach to the overall health and well being of your pet. 

Memberships include adaptable suites to accommodate various breeds or same family lodging. Temperature controlled housing, raised beds, feeding dishes, frequent fresh drinking water, enrichment activities and toys are provided to each club member at every visit. 

Designed with your pets’ needs in mind, The Collar Club offers indoor and outdoor off leash areas for dogs, private sound resistant housing with hidden perches for cats, and wellness grooming for your pet as required.

Individualized feeding routines and dietary restrictions are always strictly adhered to.  Adjustments for pets with age or mobility restrictions, and special medical requirements are accommodated.

For additional comfort, owners are encouraged to send their pet with favorite treats, bedding or toys.

Every pets’ safety is our priority.   The Collar Club always encourages positive socialization and interactions.  We request that all members are current with required vaccinations and preventatives prior to their stay with us. Infection disease control protocols are in place for both staff and visitors, ensuring our commitment to the safe removal of contaminants.

Contact us today to view our member centre and to book your pets boarding and enrichment experience!